Italian Vogue in Star Island

Last Tuesday, I was on a shoot when my agent called asking if I will like to fly that evening to Miami (Star Island) for both an Italian Vogue and L'Uomo Vogue shoot with Ms. Rushka Bergman. Obviously, my answer was HELL YEAH! I rushed home after the day's shoot, grabbed some clothes and waited for the car service to pick me up (driver was over 30 mins late). Traffic to the airport was bumper to bumper, I thought there is no way I will make my flight, the plane was departing in less than 45 mins. After some pleading and sweet talking at the gate they let me throw. Our flight was so lucky to depart nearly on time, most flights were cancelled due to the snow storm. 
We're all staying at my friend John's mansion on Star Island. It's so beautiful here, the sun is shinning and the temperature is perfect! 


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