Dr David Colbert - skincare Must have

I had the pleasure of meeting & getting a skincare consultation with Dr. David Colbert. Dermatologist to A list celebs and supermodels. A master at his craft, I have now seen for myself why the A listers only entrust their beauty to Dr. Colbert. With a much buzzed about skincare line that's become a cult favorite of many of my fellow celebrity makeup artists, I had to try the line out for myself. 

These must haves are my two favorites

1) The Tone Control Facial Discs: Deliver molecules deep into skin to aid in reversing hyper pigmentation, giving your skin a instantly more even tone. By creating a more even tone you'll need to use less foundation, concealer and powder. Everyone who knows me and knows my style of makeup, knows that I'm not a fan of layered/caked on makeup. Less is more when it comes to concealer/foundation/powder/contour, we should be able to see your natural, healthy complexion not layers of makeup.

2) Illumino Face Oil, can't rave enough about this product! At the first try I could see why it's so special. Unlike some of the other oils on the market that feel as if they're just sitting on your skin, the Illumino absorbs quickly, giving you instant hydration and a enviable youthful glow. Formulated to improve elasticity, nourish and provide instant hydration. All about that glow! 

I start of my massaging the facial disc on a circular motion, toss the disc away once done. Follow with two drops of the Illumino Face Oil and a SPF of your choice, massage well. For a 'I woke up like this' naturally flawless complexion, using a brush apply dabs of concealer/foundation only where needed, blend well, proceed with your makeup routine or just wear your natural glow. 




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